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Welcome to our family farm! Located outside of Stone Mountain, GA, we are focused on growing goats, poultry and love. 


About Us

Many years ago, on a first date, somewhere far away, two people sat down and realized a shared dream, of a small farm with goats. After years of putting that dream to the side to "life" we found our farm. We are just a few years into this lifestyle, but consider ourselves blessed and fortunate to have this dream become our reality. On our farm, we try to monitor each critter as holistically and with as much love as possible. 

We have a closed herd for the last 2 years, and test for CAE throughout the herd annually. Please feel free to ask questions, we love to talk farming and goats! 

The Herd



We have Nigerian Dwarf goats, ADGA registered, with our focus being on milking. We hope to milk test this year, with our does from the prestigious Little Tots Estate setting the foundation. We also have lamanchas and a couple of homestead milker crosses. Efficient, healthy, sweet family milkers will always be our goal.



Our herd's foundation is from Little Tots Estate, with great care going into the selection of the very best fit for efficient milking, as well as confirmation.


For Sale

We are so excited to offer a wide selection of critters to help complete just about any homestead setup! This helps us keep our numbers down, to focus on a small, quality herd. We are here for support and to help others recognize their dreams as well.

Around the Farm

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