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Sundara Farm Does


There's No Place like Home


Lakshmi and Chai are bonded half sisters. Lakshmi has the sweetest,most easygoing nature of all of our goats. Pedigree here. 

Little Tots Estate Lakshmi

Chai, my pretty Nigerian dwarf doe. #sun

Chai is the definitely a little spicy at times, but she is playful and outgoing too. Pedigree here.

Little Tots Estate Chai

Bunny is so pregnant and so over the war

This is Chai's daughter, and she has inherited that playfulness! But a stellar milker, really fantastic. Pedigree here.

Sundara Farm Sasaka


Aje has always been a little more of a wallflower, but she has really matured into an easy keeper, and a lovely milker. Pedigree here.

Sundara Farm Aje


Maya has the best sense of humor a goat could possibly have! She's always in the middle of something, and we wouldn't have it any other way. Pedigree here.

Sundara Farm Maya


Aruba is perfect for us. She is so good natured, and a fantastic, efficient milker. Pedigree here.

On Holiday Aruba

2 lamancha, and is a total sweetheart. _

Luna is 1/2 Saanen 1/2 Lamancha from a dairy in AL. We got her as our homestead milker, and love her sweet, gentle nature. A 3 year old learned how to milk her!

Sundara Farm Luna


This sweet girl is our junior doe from 2018. She's named after my favorite coffee, and her sweetness is just as addicting! Pedigree here.

Sundara Farm Sumatra

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