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It's here!

I finally got this website completed enough to publish. Like me, like our farm, it's definitely a work in progress.

Thank you for visiting this site! I have overcome fears about all kinds of things in farming, but creating a website has taken the longest. This precious picture, this precious moment above, I am so glad I captured. In having a farm, I am having to look past the dirt on the floor, and savor the moment. This website has forced me to not only take pictures, but take inventory of where we have come from and where we want to be.

“Dreams don't work unless you do"

So, we are here, after talking and planning for years, only to realize we have learned so much more by doing. We have been blessed by having some priceless guidance (and significant patience!) from a farmer and goat breeder that we knew we wanted to work with long before we had the means to do so. We have the utmost and deep gratitude for Rusty and Lucy Repp! As well as On Holiday Farm, Lil Carolina Kids and Hammock Haven. We hope that we can continue to spread that kindness, support and inspiration to others.

The future of our farm is to continue to refine and establish our herd. We've been closed for over 2 years, and our goal is to make the best choices for breeding and care so that we can truly better the farming experience for ourselves and the potential customers.

Thank you for reading and being a part of this! We look forward to talking goats, farming, and family with you.

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